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We were very pleased to receive an email on 4.7.14 from one of our new members who has been coming to Horndean for many years and felt that we had to share this part with you all. 

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday evening ... you know how much I love coming and trying to dance unfamiliar dances [ with a massive thanks to those who help me with the steps, especial yourself, Doug and Les].  Absolutely adore the way you all welcome us and help and have down over the past few years I have been coming.  I shall never forget the way you welcomed me the first time I attended after my spell away [five months] when I made a good job of braking my collar bone, which is now held together with plates and pins.
This email gives me the opportunity to say thank you to both yourself and your family for all your hard work.  The consequence of your hard work is allowing us crazy peps like me, whom love Country Music and has a mad passion of line dancing, a place to attend every first Saturday of every month, a place of pure enjoyment, laugher, and friendship. You’re such a lovely person Irene and one I’m very honoured to have the pleasure of knowing.
Many, many thanks
Love zillions
W x
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