We were known as the Buffalo Indian Village, the first North American Indian dance club in the area; performing shows at fetes and schools etc. We had 3 authentic tee-pee’s which we used to do our costume changes in and also to camp overnight at some shows. We used to research and make all our own costumes. Alas due to lack of support the Buffalo Indian Village is no more.
Once a year we did an authentic camp at Romsey.  Our Indian dance rehearsals were held once a week, and after rehearsals we used to do a bit of line dancing which we had learnt 30 years ago at Brean Sands with Dick and Geneva from America; they were the first people to introduce line dancing to the UK. We then went out to C&W dances doing our line dancing and we were asked to teach line dance, thus resulting in our second club, Buffalo Line Dance. Irene has also had success over the years with some of her choreography mainly ‘Native American’, ‘Cha Cha Roma’ and ‘Keeper of the Stars’. The dance sheets can be found on this site.
Twice a year we were holding charity dances at Leigh Park Working Men’s Club where we were asked on several occasions if we would start a C&W dance, but we could not see any hall big enough in the area until one evening we read in the evening news about a hall being built at Horndean. After looking at it, before it was even finished building completion, we had our name down for the dances once a month, thus creating our third and final club, Buffalo CWDC and that was over 20 years ago.
For a few years we did a dance weekend at Horndean, with caravans coming from all over the country; about a hundred vans with their flags flying; it was a lovely sight up on the top field, we had 3 halls working with line dance, partners and two-step etc. Live bands performed on Friday and Saturday with the whole event finishing on Sunday afternoon. We met lots of lovely people who used to come back every year.
Over the years we have fund-raised for and donated to various charities, but now we just focus on the Rocky Appeal which helps raise funds for state of the art medical equipment at the Queen Alexander Hospital in Cosham. Every year we aim to raise £1000.00 which has been collected by our members with 20pence pieces and donations in the Rocky Jar which we have on display every dance. Every December we invite Mick Lyons from the Rocky Appeal along to receive the cheque on behalf of the Buffalo CWDC.
Alas due to lack of support the Buffalo Indian Village is no more and Irene gave up Buffalo Line Dance club back in 2011 when she had to have her second lot of knee replacements. However Buffalo CWDC is still thriving after more than 20 years of hard work and determination from Irene, Roy and the team.
As many of you will know Roy suffered from a stroke back in early 2012 and sadly passed away on 29 January 2013. Since his stroke Irene and Roy’s Grandaughter Stacey and her partner Tom have helped Irene to run Buffalo CWDC with Tom working extremely hard to bring the club up-to-date with technology and even creating and maintaining our website.
Hopefully we have many more fun years of dancing ahead of us and thank you all for your support over the years.

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